Auctioneer Carl Radde, the founder of Aligned Asset Group, has been inducted into the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame in 2023. This is a tremendous honor and we are proud to celebrate his achievements.

Introduction to Carl Radde and His Achievements

Carl Radde was born and raised in Minnesota. He is a 5th generation auctioneer has been involved in the auction industry for 50 years.

He began running sheets for the family business at 4 years of age, he was very close and looked up to his grandfather all of his life as well as his own father.

He is a member of the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association and has now been inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is also a past president. Carl is married to Deena and has seven children, six of them are married or engaged, as well as six grandchildren.

History of the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association and its Hall of Fame

The Minnesota State Auctioneers Association (MSAA) is a professional organization for auctioneers across the state of Minnesota. The MSAA is dedicated to promoting the auction industry and providing education and resources to its members. The MSAA also operates the Minnesota Auctioneers Hall of Fame, which was established in 1987 to honor auctioneers who have made significant contributions to the profession and the state of Minnesota.

“The Hall of Fame was created in 1987 to honor individuals who have demonstrated honesty, high ethical standards, a willingness to share with others, a high standing in his or her community and the Minnesota State Auctioneers, and made significant contributions to the auction profession,” according to the MSAA website.

This year Radde and one other auctioneer, Kaija Kokesh, were inducted into Minnesota’s HOF. The total number of inductees is 80 since 1987.

Carl Radde was inducted into the Minnesota Auctioneers Hall of Fame in January in recognition of his many years of service to the auction industry and his contributions to the association.

“New inductees are selected by current Hall of Fame members and enshrined in the Hall of Fame during a special presentation held at the President’s Banquet at the annual Conference and Show,” according to the website.


In the course of his career he has been a leading advocate in the auction industry. He has been very active in the MSAA throughout his life.

This Auc has so many experiences but it would be remiss to not mention that career and association highlights include participating in the bid calling contest and won champion bid caller, was on the board of directors for the MSAA and was the MSAA president.

When it comes to the MSAA, this auctioneer is a no stranger to the association: the fact that he is a 5th generation auctioneer is part of his story. As a member of the board of directors he participated and invested in the future of the MSAA.

He has supported and is a true advocate of education, experience and growth. He has countless hours of time he has happily contributed personally to the success of individual auctioneers, their company and within the association advocating for the growth and success each year of the MSAA.

When he was on the board, the vice president, the president and still to this day he will always answer his phone. He looks forward to conference and show each and every year. Always participating in and supporting in every aspect.

In 2003 a true highlight in his life, he formulated and created the junior bid calling showcase in the MSAA. As a parent, as well as a child who grew up in the industry his project was a dream and passion.

Over the years this event has become an exciting and great part of this association. In the inaugural year he prided himself on including his children (would be the 6th generation) in the showcase and at the 2022 conference and show his dream became a reality, three of his grand-daughters participated in the showcase, folks the 7th generation!

Highlights of Carl Radde’s Career in Auctioneering

Carl Radde began his career in auctioneering in the 1970s. He quickly made a name for himself as an expert in the field, and he went on to become one of the most successful auctioneers in Minnesota.

Radde graduated from Waconia High School in 1988 and had already been to auction school, joined MSAA and obtained his real estate license before he graduated. In 1991 he graduated from Certified Auctioneers Association and joined National Auctioneers Association.

He has made auctioneering his full-time profession his entire life. While some high schoolers skipped school to hang out with friends he skipped school to work auctions! His true passion is being an auctioneer and has been “all in” advocating and promoting the auction industry every single day of his life! If you asked his family and loved ones they would tell you every single family “vacation” had “auction” involved in it!

Growing up and participating in the farm, land, estate and real estate auctions his family ran he had a passion to own his own company someday. Part of his job with the family business would be to print auction. Knowing he wanted to branch out, he left the family business at 30 years old and was hired by that same printing company as an auction division sales rep.

This is where the doors for his future were opened ten-fold. Quickly auctioneers from around the country discovered he was an awesome bid caller and he began traveling all over the country as a contract bid caller.

Through these adventures he discovered he had great interest in food manufacturing equipment. It was at that time he fulfilled his dream and his wife formulated their own company. He has become an expert in food manufacturing equipment. There are 5 companies nationally that fall into this unique niche and he has managed to succeed in being called a leader nationally.

After a few years in the food-manufacturing field he now prides himself on creating a close working relationship with industry leaders and clients seeking to build a long-term relationships.

Celebrating the Induction Through Events

Events are a great way to honor the induction of Carl Radde into the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame.

Radde was surprised at the President’s banquet. Family and friends from around the country came for the induction. Many were hiding in another room as the award was presented. As he accepted the award the guests joined him up on stage.

After the program members joined Radde and his family at a reception inside the hotel.

Auctioneer Carl and his wife Deena Radde at the MSAA 2023 convention after Carl Radde was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Food Manufacturing Auctioneer Equipment inducted into hall of fameFood Manufacturing Equipment Auctioneer inducted into hall of fameFood Manufacturing Equipment Auctioneer inducted into hall of fame